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Pests and Critters

Home Bedbugs – Exterminating bed bugs and also offering preventative measures
Carpenter Ants – Our carpenter ant control offers a life time warranty

Termites – Termite detection and extermination

  • Bora Care – Both a repellent and a bait, Bora Care is the best product in the industry to fight termites!
  • General Information – From your main support beams down to your baseboard trim, anything cellulose is not safe.
  • Termite Swarms – When many termites fly from their underground nest simultaneously, this is a termite swarm.
  • Termite FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions such as, “How long do termites live?” are answered!
  • Termites vs. Carpenter Ants – Learn the similarities and differences!
  • Types of Termites – There are more than 4,000 different types of species of termites in the world!
  • Termite Advance Monitors – Inserting these monitors into the ground ensures that eventually the termites will run into them.

Mice – Mice and rodents are disease transporters. Get inspected and extermination services immediately if you sense a mice problem.

Spiders – 11 species of spiders make their homes in NY and VT. Let us identify and eliminate on your behalf!

Bed Bugs – These pesky pests feed on blood and infest mattresses and box springs. Get the FAQ’s and find out how to get rid of them!
Pest Block
Drain Flies – Drain flies look like moths with fuzzy bodies. Like their name states, they breed in sewers, septic tanks and drains.
Pest I.D.
Ticks – Prevent and control ticks – starting in the woods.
Cluster Fly – Recommended application time for the Cluster Fly is late summer


Mosquito Control – Learn more about mosquitoes and gets tips on controlling them

Carpenter Bees – Carpenter Bees can cause severe damage to wood by boring tunnels through the wood. These tunnels can even be divided into cells where larva are developed.

Yellow Jackets – There are six species of yellow jackets native to NY State and tend to be present around sweet things … picnics, garbage receptacles, etc.
Indian Meal Moths – This stored product pest starts in dry products that sit too long such as dog food, cereal, rice, crackers and seeds.
Fleas – Maggot like creatures that feed on fecal dropping of adult fleas. Eggs, up to 400, are laid each day by the female.
Lady Bugs

FAQ Pages


Insulation – What condition is your attic insulation in?
Attic Clean Outs – Is your attic a habitat for rodent and pests?
The Green Approach
Vitamin Bait – For rodents and mice that are non bait-able
Termite Monitors
Nuisance Wildlife

Seasonal Pest Control

  • Winter – Cold weather tips for keeping the pests away
  • Spring – Dormant pests come out to play!
  • Summer – Pest free picnics, mosquito repellent facts, summer pests
  • Fall – Find Common Fall Pests and Autumn Pest Control Tips

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