Year-Round Pest Control in NY & VT

Don’t wait until insects, rodents and other pests become a problem. With our preventative year-round pest control plan, we provide monthly treatments to stop a variety of pests from entering your home – and we keep them out for good!

In the rare instance that you need an exterminator while on the Nature’s Way Program, just give us a call and our pest control technicians will promptly resolve all covered pest problems at no cost to you.

Proactive Pest Protection
On-Call Exterminators
Affordable Monthly Payments

How it Works

Our year-round Nature’s Way Program provides peace of mind and 365-day pest protection for your home and family.

Free Inspection

To keep your home pest-free, we start with a no-cost inspection and consultation. We then create a customized plan for your home and property and schedule your initial visit.

Monthly Treatments

During the initial visit, and each regularly scheduled visit thereafter, we employ a 6-Step Defense System designed to keep pests out of your home or business.

Emergency Service

Should you encounter any insects or rodents in between visits, all you have to do is call and we’ll send out a technician as soon as possible at no additional charge.

Our 6-Step Pest Defense System

With each visit to your property and home, we apply the following 6-step system for effective year-round pest control in New York and Vermont.

Step 1

Detailed Inspection

Using an Integrated Pest Management Approach, we inspect your home and identify areas or habitats that could develop into a pest problem and provide a plan for how to remove conducive conditions and ensure your home isn’t welcoming to unwanted pests.

Step 2

Natural Pesticide Application

We apply a highly effective natural pesticide made of an essential oils. Our exterminators also add a bonding agent on the exterior of your home so the product lasts longer and provides extended protection.

Note: If it’s raining on the day of service, we use an all-natural granular blend, however, if it’s really pouring we will reschedule.

Step 3

Dust Injection

For double the protection, we also inject an all-natural dust pesticide into central locations, as well as any cracks and crevices.

Step 4

Ant Bait Service

When there are active foraging ants, our exterminators use bait stations. The ants take the bait back to their nesting sites, where they eat it, and the colony is eliminated.

Step 5

Rodent Bait Service

We use exterior rock stations placed strategically around the outside of your home to prevent rodents from going inside. The stations are checked and product is replaced, as needed.

Step 6

De-Web & Nest Removal Service

To reduce spider populations, we clean and remove spider webs from your home. We also remove any visible wasp nests.

Pests Covered Under the Year-Round Protection Plan

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Mice
  • Sugar Ants
  • Spiders
  • Millipedes
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Wasp
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Fleas
  • Roaches
  • Indian Meal Moth
  • Grain Beetles
  • Silverfish

Schedule Your Free Inspection for Year-Round Pest Control

With the Nature’s Way Program, we get the pests out of your home or business, and keep them out for good. Our 365 day pest protection is available in Albany, Saratoga, Lake George and as far north as Plattsburgh, as well as Western Vermont.

To get a quote, schedule your free inspection online. You can also give us a call in New York at (518) 745-5958 or in Vermont at (802) 855-2978.

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What our customers are saying

We have been using Natures Way for many years at our Bolton Landing home. They have always been responsive to immediate concerns even after the regularly scheduled visits throughout the summer. Eddie Ackling did a super job this past week with a serious bee infestation in our log home. He found the nest and took care of the problem. Thanks Eddie!

Dr. Robert Wishnoff