Pest Control for Schools and Day Care Facilities

If you own or manage the operation of a school or daycare, a pest infestation is not an option for you!

Nothing is more important than keeping our kids safe, but doing that means ridding and preventing pests from facilities, and doing so in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

Spiders, mice, and other vermin can enter a school or daycare through food deliveries and children’s clothing or bags, and can be difficult to ward off once they have started to reproduce. They can thrive in nap-time blankets, cribs, school food storage, and cabinets where standing water or crumbs may be hiding.

Why is it essential to keep pests under control in schools and daycares? Not only are they annoying and disagreeable to look at, but they can carry infections like staphylococcus, salmonella, and meningitis. As we are all aware, children are notorious for picking up illnesses at school and bringing them home to their families. At Nature’s Way Pest Control, we want to make sure your little one’s school or daycare is free of pests, so that they and you can focus on what really matters: reading, writing, arithmetic, and fun!

Mice, ticks, spiders, stinkbugs, flies, and even bedbugs can infest any facility, including a school or a daycare, and at Nature’s Way, we are committed to going beyond the traditional chemical-based prevention, where lingering chemicals can have a harmful effect on infants and children. That’s why we offer eco-friendly pest control options for schools and daycares (as well as residences and businesses).

Not only are these eco-friendly products safe, but they are highly effective! We use EcoSMART’s botanical products to rid buildings of pests. These patented products are created from essential oils that plants and trees excrete to protect themselves from insects, vermin, and pathogens. EcoSMART’s combinations of highly effective insecticidal plant oils give us natural, botanical-based alternatives to chemical pesticides and these products work!

Before treating your school or daycare, Nature’s Way Pest Control will do a thorough investigation of your facility and grounds, locating spots where pests can enter and sealing them off. Once we’ve sealed these entrances, we will work with the facility’s management and show them potential pest nesting spots and teach them how to prevent infestation or re-infestation.

Next, we will treat the facility inside and out, creating a protective “wall” around the outside of the facility to keep pests out. We recommend that after we treat the facility, that we inspect it regularly to prevent and treat any new infestations.

With all of the innovations in safe and eco-friendly pest solutions, chemical-based pest prevention is unnecessary and unhealthy. Call Nature’s Way today to get all of the pest prevention with none of the harmful effects!

Learn more about how Nature’s Way can offer pest control for schools and day care centers. To prevent or remove pest/vermin infestation, call us at (518) 745-5958 (for facilities in New York) or 802-855-2978 (for facilities in Vermont), or e-mail us via our online contact form.