Restaurant Pest Control

“There’s a bug in my food” is the last thing you want to hear from any of the patrons. Your continued success in the restaurant business depends on operating a clean and pest-free environment for your customers. Nature’s Way Pest Control can help ensure that your restaurant stays clear of pest sightings and free of citations, fines, or a shutdown.

Part of having an enjoyable dining experience is eating your food without the interruption of bugs or vermin. Nature’s Way is the premier pest control company for the prevention of pests and the food-borne illnesses they can carry. Vermin and insects can carry infections like staphylococcus, salmonella, and meningitis. As a major threat to food safety and carriers of harmful pathogens, pests have no place in a restaurant!

Nature’s Way Pest Control has the experience and procedures necessary to eliminate your pest problems in safe and environmentally-friendly ways. We aim to keep your restaurant in compliance with laws and regulations and focus on prevention of any infestations.

Spiders, ants, mice, and other vermin can enter restaurants through food deliveries, boxes, and customers. Once pests begin to reproduce in a restaurant, they can be hard to keep at bay…so prevention is key! That’s where Nature’s Way Pest Control comes in! Nothing is more important than keeping your customers safe and ensuring that all of your hard work doesn’t go down the drain due to a misplaced mouse. We can keep them out and maintain the health and safety of your customers and staff with our eco-friendly EcoSMART products.

Nature’s Way uses EcoSMART products, patented botanical products derived from the essential oils excreted by plants and trees to protect themselves from insects, vermin, and pathogens. Not only are these eco-friendly products safe, but they are highly effective. The combination of EcoSMART’s insecticidal plant oils give us the natural and botanical-based alternatives to chemical pesticides.

At Nature’s Way, we are committed to going beyond the traditional chemical-based treatments and prevention of pests in your restaurant, where the lingering of chemicals can have a harmful effect on food, customers, and staff. That’s why we offer eco-friendly solutions with GUARANTEED results!

Before treating your restaurant, Nature’s Way Pest Control will investigate your restaurant and its grounds, locating pest entrances and sealing them off. Next, we will teach management how to prevent infestation or re-infestation by showing them potential hiding and nesting locations. Also, a “wall” of Eco-SMART product around your restaurant facility will continue to keep pests out. We will recommend regular inspections by Nature’s Way to prevent new infestations.

With all of the innovations in safe and eco-friendly pest solutions, chemical-based pest prevention is unnecessary and unhealthy, especially in a restaurant setting. Call Nature’s Way today to get all of the pest prevention with none of the chemicals!

To learn more about how Nature’s Way can provide pest control for restaurants, to remove or prevent pest/vermin infestation, call us at (518) 745-5958 (for restaurants in New York) or 802-855-2978 (for restaurants in Vermont), or e-mail us via our online contact form.