Pest Block Mice Control in Upstate NY & VT

Nature’s Way Pest Block Service stops mice and other rodents from entering your home using a variety of pest control methods. This is known in the industry as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a highly effective approach to keep mice out of your home. Although mice are excellent chewers with sharp teeth, they are not able to penetrate or chew through our Pest Block materials.

If you need mouse-proofing services in Albany, Saratoga, Plattsburgh, or throughout Upstate New York and Western Vermont, Nature’s Way can help. We offer three mice control packages depending on your needs. Contact us for a free inspection and our experienced mice exterminators will help you choose the best solution for your home.

Pest Block Protection Packages

Good Simple Pest Block


We use an industry-specific expandable foam, copper meshing, hardware cloth, and clear silicone to seal entry points where your foundation and siding meet. We also plug holes around pipe chases and vents to keep mice out of your home.

Better Premium Pest Block

3 Year Warranty

We bend a unique metal material and custom-fit it to your home with fasteners, sealing the gap between your siding and foundation. We also seal potential entry points around pipes and vents. If needed, we may suggest a more extensive exclusion service to the roof line.

Best Pest Block with Bait Stations

Lifetime Warranty

In addition to using one of our pest block exclusion methods, we set up exterior bait stations on your property to control mice. Designed to look like rocks, these stations are loaded with bait, locked, and anchored to the ground. Once a month, our mice exterminators unlock and service the stations, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of bait for maximum efficiency.

Our Pest Block Process

Step 1

Following the free inspection of your home to identify the pest problem and find the source, we spend approximately two weeks trapping and/or baiting the mice that have already taken up residence in your home.

Step 2

Depending on the rodent-proofing option you choose, we use expandable foam, copper meshing, hardware cloth, and clear silicone to seal all entry points, or we secure the custom-bent metal shield to your home.

Step 3

We strategically install rock bait stations throughout your property and return monthly to service the stations, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of bait.

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