Pest Block

We offer a service that will help prevent mice from gaining access to the inside of your home. We use a variety of different pest control materials. This is part of our I.P.M approach.

We offer two types of Pest block services. One is a simple Pest Block, using an industry specific copper meshing along with hardware cloth, caulking and a few other materials.

The other service is a higher end product. We use a metal material and custom bend it. Once this is done it is secured to the home with fasteners. It is installed in the area where the siding and foundation meet.  Generally there is a gap in this location as well as all corners on the home. We also look out for any other potential entry points such as plumbing and writing penetrations. These services target the foundation area. If needed we also can provide a more extensive exclusion service to the roof-line as well.

Both of these applications will help keep rodents out. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that if you have these services provided you will never have rodents again. It is to simply help reduce the entry points. Mice are excellent climbers, they are also capable of chewing through most materials, as are squirrels. So if they really want to gain inside access they can make it happen. Also remember to keep your doors and windows closed tightly, especially the garage door.

The pictures below is our Pest Block strip of metal installed. (The white strip) between the siding and the foundation.

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