Humane Wildlife Removal in Glens Falls NY

At Nature’s Way Pest Control, we use special catch and release traps and humane live trapping for all nuisance wildlife management. We also follow all federal, state and local laws governing trap check intervals and the release or relocation of wildlife.

In addition to removing unwanted animals from your property, our licensed wildlife control experts will provide recommendations to make your home or business less attractive for pests, and can seal off entry points to prevent future infestations.

To schedule a free estimate for wildlife removal in Glens Falls, Lake George, Chestertown, Saratoga, Clifton Park, Albany and neighboring communities within a 50-mile radius of the Nature’s Way headquarters, please call (518) 745-5958.

Wildlife Removal

Our Nuisance Wildlife Division provides trapping and removal of the following:

Attic Clean Outs & Pest Control Insulation

In the event that your attic insulation is damaged by wildlife, Nature’s Way Pest Control can perform a full attic clean out to safely remove biohazards and toxins, and install special pest control insulation treated with environmentally-friendly pesticides.

We also offer Pest Block Packages and Ridge-Guard® Attic Protection to seal off entry points and prevent mice, squirrels, bats and other wildlife from entering your home.

For more information about our wildlife removal, attic cleans outs and pest control insulation services in Glens Falls NY, call (518) 745-5958, or schedule a free estimate.

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What our customers are saying

I have pets and I wanted something that would safely help with ticks, bees and the dreaded yellow jackets. I discovered yellow jackets entering under the siding of the house. I called immediately and spoke with Laura, she was very attentive and scheduled Shaun to come the following day. It was 90 degrees, Shaun was prepared and ready to apply treatment, regardless of the yellow jackets being very active. Great service – he took care of my yellow jacket problem. Shaun was very knowledgeable, efficient and personable. I definitely recommend Nature’s Way.

Debbie Colonie, NY