Natural Vermont Pest Control

If you’re looking to get rid of pests, either of the insect or even rodent kind, there’s no need to subject your home – and your family – to potentially harmful pesticides.

Instead, Nature’s Way Pest Control can come to your home in Killington, Burlington, Rutland, Montpelier, Manchester, or Bennington and take care of the nasty critters safely, affordably and without using harmful chemicals.

There’s more than one way to kill a carpenter ant, and it doesn’t need to involve pesticide. We use botanical pesticides. These are pesticides that come from plants and they actually can be more powerful than their chemical counterparts. Such “home grown” pesticides grew out of favor in the mid-1900s due to the rise of so-called “better” chemical pesticides (DDT, anyone?). Botanical pesticides are better than chemicals because they breakdown relatively quickly and therefore leave little harmful chemical residue behind.

For more information on natural Vermont pest control in Killington, Burlington, Rutland, Manchester, Montpelier, Bennington and other communities, give us a call at 802-855-2978.