Pest Control Services in Troy, NY

When it comes to making sure your Troy, NY home is free of pests (inside and out) to look to a natural pest control services provider.

If you own a home (and a garden), pest control is critical to ensuring that the disease-carrying pests and vermin stay out of your home and yard, thus keeping your family and pets safe from harmful bites, droppings and potential diseases borne by these pests.

Many pest control services can rid your home of these insects and vermin, but they often use  toxic chemicals to do so.

Instead, choosing a natural pest control services provider for your Troy, NY home (or business) is the only way to make sure your family, pets and garden stay safe.

Nature’s Way Pest Control will rid your home safely of ants, mice, ticks, bats, and even mold without using pesticides. Instead, we use state-of-the-art natural products and systems that make sure vermin and pests leave your home and never come back!

Have mice or rats made their presence known? Whether you have just one or two or many, our Pest Block system will get rid of them and keep them out by forming a barrier that even the tiniest of flying or crawling pests can’t penetrate. Our all-natural EcoSMART products keep bugs away naturally (the way trees and plants do) by using what are known as insecticidal oils. The oils kill the bugs but are safe for humans and pets.

If you’d like to rid your home of pests – whether insects or rodents – of any kind in your Troy business or home, call Nature’s Way Pest Control in Troy, NY at 518-480-7260. We offer a free initial inspection. Contact us today!