Saratoga Springs Pest Control the Natural Way

Are bugs really bugging you? Are mice eating away at your trash – and your patience? Are bats in your Saratoga home driving you, well, batty?

Then call upon Nature’s Way Pest Control to get rid of these unwelcome guests. We have been one of the leading Saratoga Springs pest control companies since 2001.

No need to worry that we’ll come in with pesticide guns blaring. We’ll rid your home of these uninvited pests naturally, often without using pesticides at all.

Nature’s Way can rid your home of bats, mice, other rodents, ticksmosquitoes, carpenter ants – even mold – by using natural pesticides and what is known as a pest management system that ensures your home is empty of pests without negatively impacting your home’s interior or garden settings.

If we do think we need to use chemicals, we’ll first see if we can use a technology that takes it system from one that’ used by trees and other plants to protect themselves from insects and disease – natural insecticidal oil from EcoSMART. This patented product attacks pests, not your flowers, plants, children or pets.

You’ll be amazed at how well EcoSMART works. Its efficiency has been compared to that of the most potent chemical pesticides.

If mice or other rodents have infested your home, we get rid of them humanely. Then we’ll prevent their return by using a rodent-proofing system we’ve developed called Pest Block. This makes sure even the tiniest of four-legged (or flying) pests can never again get into your basement, crawl space or attic.

We can remove rodents and keep them out afterwards by using our rodent proofing technique known as a Pest Block. This prevents even the smallest of rodents from entering your home, basement or other crawl space.

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