Rutland Pest Control the Natural Way


Looking for an exterminator in Rutland, VT? Then you need to call Nature’s Way Pest Control.

We will rid your home of ants, mice, bats, rats, mold and other pests affordably, efficiently and naturally. In fact, we may not have to use pesticides at all, whether natural or chemical, to get rid of your unwanted housemates.

For example, EcoSMART products – one of our favorite tools – use insecticidal oils used by plants and trees to defend themselves against pests and disease. These oils often rid your home of pests just as well as via chemical means. What’s more, EcoSMART products attack just pests, not your family members, pets or flowers.

Should you call us to rid your home of mice or bats, we’ll first remove them humanely and then we’ll make sure they never return by using a rodent-proofing system of our own called Pest Block. Even the smallest of rodents will never again be able to visit – let along call home – your attic, basement or crawl space.

For a free initial inspection of your Rutland, VT home, call Nature’s Way Pest Control at 802-855-2978. We look forward to helping you rid your home of pests – naturally!