Plattsburgh Pest Control

Choosing natural pest control for your Plattsburgh, NY home or business is the only way to ensure people, pets, and gardens remain safe.

Anyone with a home and garden should consider pest control essential to make certain the annoying, often disease-carrying, home and garden-damaging vermin stay out! While there are many pest control services that can effectively rid your home of pests, most use powerful, yet toxic chemicals that can be harmful.

Nature’s Way Pest Control can safely and effectively rid your home or business of mice, ticks, ants, bats, or mold, often without using any pesticides. We use the most innovative and natural tools and processes available today to rid your home of annoying vermin and make sure they don’t return!

Rodent problem? Whether you only have a few, or you are overrun, we use our own Pest Block system to keep them out and form a barrier that even the smallest of crawling or flying pests will stay away from. We use natural EcoSMART products, which ward off bugs naturally the same way that plants and trees do, by using insecticidal oils. These oils kill the pests, but do not harm people or pets.

If you are fed up by ants, mice, or any other type of pest in your Plattsburgh home or business, email or call Nature’s Way Pest Control in Plattsburgh, NY for a free initial inspection at 518-480-7260.