Natural NY Pest Control Service

Got mice? Got bats? Need to get rid of capenter ants?  If pests such as these have made your home into theirs, you may be thinking you’re going to have to turn your home over to a pest control company that uses all manner of potential harmful pesticides.

But there’s another way: Nature’s Way Pest Control. We can visit your Albany, Troy, Plattsburgh and other homes in New York’s Capital District and Saratoga, Clinton and Warren counties and remove vermin and other pests affordably, humanely and without using toxic-to-humans chemicals.

How can we do this? By using botanical pesticides. Did you know that plants excrete “pesticides” that can be more deadly to insects than man-made chemicals? Plants and trees use these insecticidal oils to kill bugs and prevent disease and we’ve decided there’s no reason you shouldn’t use them, too. These oils – purchased under the brand name EcoSMART – kill only harmful bugs and don’t harm your family, your pets nor your garden plants.

What’s more, these pesticides breakdown quickly and so don’t leave behind damaging chemical residue.

There’s more than one way to kill a carpenter ant, and it doesn’t need to involve pesticide. We use botanical pesticides. These are pesticides that come from plants and they actually can be more powerful than their chemical counterparts. Such “home grown” pesticides grew out of favor in the mid-1900s due to the rise of so-called “better” chemical pesticides (DDT, anyone?). Botanical pesticides are better than chemicals because they breakdown relatively quickly and therefore leave little harmful chemical residue behind.

For more information on natural New York pest control in Albany, Saratoga, Plattsburgh and other communities, give us a call at 518-745-5958