Pest Control Services in Montpelier, Vermont

If you want to be absolutely sure your home is free of flying insects and vermin, look for pest control services in Montpelier that rids your house and garden of pests the natural way.

Natural pest control is by far the best – and safest – way to keep your home pest-free: it kills the pests but doesn’t spew harsh chemicals that could harm your family members and pets.

Natural Pest Control in Montpelier, VT

Many reliable Montpelier pest control companies can get the pests out of your home, but they usually do so with harmful chemicals.

A much better option is to use a natural pest control services provider for your home or business. Simply put, it’s the only way to ensure that your family and pets remain completely safe.

Nature’s Way Pest control will get rid of mice, ticks, bats, ants, and even mold from your home without using harmful chemicals and pesticides. In their place, we use advanced all-natural products and procedures that rid your home of pests, all the while ensuring that they never return!

Whether one mouse or several rats or other pests have moved into your home, our Pest Block system removes them. PestBlock also keeps them from returning by forming a barrier that even the smallest bat or tiniest of mouse can’t breach. We also use all-natural EcoSMART products to keep crawling and flying bugs at bay in the same way plants and trees do: by using insecticidal oils. These oils get rid of the insects but don’t harm pets and people.

Call Nature’s Way Pest Control in Montpelier, VT to rid your home of pests safely and quickly. Call us at 802-855-2978 and ask us about our free initial inspection. We look forward to hearing how we may be of service!

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Excellent job in keeping our house ant and spider free. Lee has been efficient, professional, cordial, and informative.

J. Brayden S. Burlington VT