Natural Killington Pest Control

Have the beasties started infiltrating your Killington home? Have mice, carpenter ants, bedbugs, bats or even mold started encroaching on your castle?

You can call out the exterminators laden with pesticides in their canisters, or you can call Nature’s Way Pest Control and get rid of your unwanted “guests” the natural and safe way.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Nature’s Way uses environmentally friendly pest control products as often as possible, and that’s pretty much all the time. We use many strategies that will get rid of pests – and these aren’t always by using pesticides (either chemical or botanical). We use an integrated pest management system that provides long-term results with little impact on your home’s or garden’s environment.

We can remove rodents and keep them out afterwards by using our rodent proofing technique known as a Pest Block. This prevents even the smallest of rodents from entering your home, basement or other crawl space.

When we do use chemicals, we often use a product by EcoSMART, a patented technology that uses the same natural defenses plants and trees use to protect themselves from disease and insects. The technology? Efficient insecticidal plant oils.

For more information on our natural Killington pest control strategies to rid your home of mice, carpenter ants, bedbugs, bats, rats and other pests, call us at 802-300-4541.

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What our customers are saying

Josh was professional and personal throughout the entire visit. He educated us on our options and answered ever question we had…. and we had a lot. He really gave us peace of mind. We would highly recommend Josh and Nature’s Way. Thank you!

Eric and Kristin H Fletcher, VT