Natural Pest Control in Burlington VT | Residential or Commercial

Kermit the Frog says it’s “Not easy being green.”

And that too often is the case when it comes to pest control. Many homeowners automatically call pest management companies that use effective – yet powerful toxic – chemicals to rid their homes of vermin and other unwanted visitors.

But that needn’t be the case if you’re in need of pest control in Burlington VT and need to get rid of mice, ticks, carpenter ants, bats, mold and other pests: Nature’s Way Pest Control can do the job safely and thoroughly, often without using pesticides at all!

That’s correct; we use the most-cutting edge – but natural – tools and processes available today to get rid of pests – and even prevent their return – in ways that are completely safe to humans, as well as pets and gardens. For example, if your house has been overrun by mice or bats, our own Pest Block system rodent-proofs your house to such an extent that even the smallest of four-legged or flying pests will never again take up residence in – or even visit – your basement, attic or crawl space.

If we need to help you get rid of insects, our use of EcoSMART products means that we’ll get rid of the flying beasties naturally, the same way plants and trees keep bugs and disease at bay. How? By using insecticidal oils. Pests die, but your plants, your children and your pets stay safe.

If you’re tired of playing host to unwanted flying, crawling or scurrying “guests” in your Burlington home, call Nature’s Way Pest Control for a free initial inspection at 802-855-2978.