Professional Pest Control in Albany NY

No one likes it when “enemies” – rats, mice, bedbugs, mold, bats, carpenter ants and other pests – storm one’s castle. If you live in Albany, Troy, Schenectady or the surrounding areas and your home has been infiltrated by such pests, digging a moat certainly won’t help. Instead, get rid of critters the natural way, by calling the experts at Nature’s Way Pest Control in Albany NY.

We will defend your home and rid it of these pests by using environmentally friendly pest control products that will make sure the bugs and rodents are removed in a way that’s safe for your family and pets.

Safe & Effective Pest Control

We often can rid your home of unwanted pests without using any pesticides at all. We have at our disposal a combination of pest management systems that will remove unwanted “invaders” that ensure long lasting results, while having little effect on your home’s indoor or outdoor environments.

For example, Pest Block is our rodent proofing system that prevents even the tiniest of pests, such as bats and mice from being able to access your home from the attic, basement or crawl space.

If we decide that chemicals should be used (and you can rest assured that we use chemicals only when we’ve determined that a non-chemical won’t be effective), we’ll often use a product made by EcoSMART, a patented technology that gets its power from the same defenses as used by trees and plants when they protect themselves from disease technology. How do they do this? By excreting oils that effectively and efficiently kill insects.

Testimonials from Our Albany Pest Control Customers

“Hope you had a thankful Thanksgiving. I appreciate your care in debugging my house in Bethlehem, NY. We wish you a happy and joyful celebration of Christmas.”

— Ms. LaFlesh (Albany, NY)

“Thanks for all your help in keeping mice at bay, and for some fun conversations along the way.”

— Ms. Hartmark (Albany, NY)

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