Pesticide Product Labels

Nature’s Way Pest Control uses a variety of eco-friendly products and traditional pesticides to treat for termites, carpenter ants, mice and other pests throughout Northeastern New York and Western Vermont. For more information about the products we use, you can view PDFs of our pesticide product labels below.

EPA Reg. No.Product NamePDF 
100-1484Advion Cockroach Gel BaitView Label
1021-1875altoCIRRUSView Label
61178-1-72786Anasphere PlusView Label
1021-2569Bedlam PlusView Label
64405-1Bora-CareView Label
73079-12Cimexa Insecticide DustView Label
12455-79Contrac All-Weather BloxView Label
432-992Drione InsecticideView Label
89459-59EcoPCO ACUView Label
89459-60EcoPCO AR-XView Label
89459-61EcoPCO DXView Label
ExemptEcoVia EC Emulsifiable ConcentrateView Label
ExemptEcoVia G Granular InsecticideView Label
12455-89Final All-Weather BloxView Label
63836-2Foster Full Defense 40-25View Label
2724-484Gentrol AerosolView Label
89459-84Gentrol Complete AerosolView Label
2724-351Gentrol IGR ConcentrateView Label
73079-6InTice 10 Perimeter BaitView Label
73079-10InVict Gold Cockroach GelView Label
ExemptInVite Fruit Fly LureView Label
432-1264Maxforce FC Ant Killer Bait GelView Label
432-1249Maxforce FC Select Roach Killer Bait GelView Label
432-1531Maxforce Impact Roach Gel BaitView Label
499-509MotherEarth D Pest Control DustView Label
ExemptNature-Cide All Purpose Insecticide AerosolView Label
ExemptNature-Cide Pest ManagementView Label
64405-8Nibor-D InsecticideView Label
1021-2580NYGUARD Plus Flea & Tick Premise SprayView Label
241-392PhantomView Label
89459-12Precor 2625 Premise SprayView Label
499-370PT Advance Granular Carpenter Ant BaitView Label
499-385PT Tri-Die Pressurized Silica + Pyrethrin DustView Label
279-3206Talstar ProfessionalView Label
432-1304Tempo Ultra WPView Label
12455-106Terad 3 BloxView Label
499-563Termidor FoamView Label
64405-8Tim-bor ProfessionalView Label
499-557Trelona Compressed Termite BaitView Label
ExemptYard GardView Label

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