Yellow Jacket Pest Control in NY & VT

If you’ve noticed a lot of yellow jacket activity around your attic eaves, a hole in the ground or even a wood pile, this is usually a sign that you have a yellow jacket nest on your property. Yellow jackets also build their nests inside the walls of homes, which may become evident when a wet spot develops on the sheet rock.

If you suspect you have a yellow jacket problem, call Nature’s Way Pest Control in New York at (518) 745-5958, or in Vermont at (802) 855-2978. We use protective gear, specialized equipment and professional-grade products to safely and effectively remove yellow jackets from your property. We also provide free inspections and estimates.

Important:  Due to the territorial behavior and extremely aggressive nature of yellow jackets, as well as the risk of severe allergic reactions, we highly recommend that you do not attempt to spray or remove these pests on your own. In fact, over-the-counter products can actually make the problem worse by driving yellow jackets deeper into your walls.

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About Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket Pest Control services

There are six species of yellow jackets native to New York and Vermont. Yellow jackets are shiny yellow-and-black wasps. They range in length from one-half to approximately three quarters of an inch.

Yellow jacket larvae eat flies and other insects, while the adults feed on nectar and other sweet liquids. This is why yellow jackets are often found around picnic areas and garbage receptacles, where sweet things, such as fruits and soda cans, are plentiful.

In the spring, fertilized yellow jacket queens start nests in ground depressions or hollow logs on the ground. They also build nests in attics and inside wall voids. Usually the only visible sign of a yellow jacket nest is the entering and exiting of the wasps from a hole in the soil, wood pile or attic eaves. However, we have also received many calls from homeowners who have seen a wet spot on the sheet rock and when they poked it, they went right into a wasp nest.

Toward the end of the season, in August, September and October, yellow jacket nests can contain upwards of 40,000 workers!

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