Wasp & Hornet Control in NY and VT

Nature’s Way Pest Control uses protective gear, specialized equipment and professional-grade products to safely and effectively remove wasps and hornets from your property. For a free inspection and estimate, call (518) 745-5958 in New York, or (802) 855-2978 in Vermont.

Important:  Due to the territorial behavior and extremely aggressive nature of wasps and hornets, as well as the risk of severe allergic reactions, we highly recommend that you do not attempt to spray or remove these pests on your own. If you see a hornet nest or wasp activity, make sure to keep pets and children well out of harm’s way until the hive has been removed and exterminated.

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About Wasps & Hornets

Both wasps and hornets are stinging insects that tend to nest in trees, under siding, in gutters and other unwelcome locations around your home. They are generally more aggressive than bees and they can sting multiple times. Wasp and hornet stings are also typically more painful than that of a bee, and pose a greater risk to humans, killing thousands of people each year due to allergic reactions.

Paper WaspWasps are members of the Vespidae family, which includes paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. Most wasps have two sets of wings, thin waists and smooth, shiny bodies. While only the females have stingers, they have the ability to sting repeatedly. Wasps are very territorial, and will attack if they feel their nest is threatened.

European Hornet

Hornets are a subset of wasps. Although they are not native to North America, the European hornet is now widespread on the East Coast of the U.S. and hornets can be found in Albany, Lake George, Plattsburgh, Vermont and everywhere in between. Hornets are generally a little bit rounder and fatter than wasps and can be more aggressive.

To schedule an appointment for wasp or hornet removal, call (518) 745-5958 in New York, or (802) 855-2978 in Vermont.