Termite Control in Albany & The Adirondacks

Termites aren’t harmful to humans – but they sure can do a number on your home! Treating for termites is a very involved process. One that takes years of experience and skill to completely master. Fortunately, Nature’s Way has more than 25 years of experience with termite control in Albany and the Adirondacks, and our exterminators not only have an understanding of termite biology and habits, but they also have an excellent comprehension of how homes and structures are built.

In addition, Nature’s Way is a leader in the Green Pest Control industry. We were the first local exterminators to use Borates in our termite treatments, and we continue to use them today in conjunction with an Advanced Termite Monitoring & Bait System.

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Our Termite Control Process

Step 1: Baiting & Monitoring. Termite bait stations and monitors are inserted into the soil, approximately every 8 to 10 feet around your home. As termites forage through the soil in search of food, they eventually come in contact with the bait stations. Depending on the size and number of colonies, it may take days or years for the termites to discover the bait stations. Our pest control technicians will return regularly to monitor for signs of activity. Initially, the bait stations will contain wood with a special attractant. However, once the termites start feeding, our exterminators switch the wood for poison, which the termites feed on and take back to their colonies, and they are ultimately destroyed.

Step 2: Treating the Wood. Nature’s Way is one of the only pest control companies still offering sub-slab injections on homes that need it, as we have the experience, tools, and equipment to do so. Our termite exterminators treat the wood in your home with Borates, a natural salt compound that targets a unique feature of insect biology. The product penetrates the wood and leaves a long-lasting residual. When termites eat the treated wood, they become unable to extract nutrition from their food and starve.

Note: We do not recommend baiting as a stand-alone treatment for active infestations. Baiting may take anywhere from days to years to have an effect and termites can do a tremendous amount of damage to your home in just one season.

Effective Termite Treatment at Half the Cost

When we first started offering termite control over 25 years ago, we had to treat the entire structure, inside and outside, with hundreds of gallons of chemical termiticide. We would dig a trench a foot deep around the perimeter of the home to inject the termiticide into the soil, which would last for about 7 years. We’d also drill holes every 12 inches through the concrete slabs in the basement, the garage, the front porch, and driveway. Deck boards had to be removed. The process was not only invasive, but it took a long time and was very expensive.

Today, the new technology of non-repellent termiticides allows us to treat just “spots” instead of the entire structure. And we’re able to offer these injections at less than half the cost of 25 years ago.

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