Mice Extermination in Albany, NY & VT

The biggest problem with mice is that once your home is infested, you have a much higher risk of it becoming re-infested. That’s because other mice are attracted to the urine, droppings, and oil scents left behind. At Nature’s Way, we don’t just get rid of the mice in your home, we keep them out for good! Using a variety of pest control methods, our mice extermination service both eliminates the current problem and prevents mice from gaining access to your home in the future.

We offer three levels of mice extermination and pest block protection, including one that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Our Mice Extermination Process

Step 1: Following a free inspection of your home to identify the pest problem and find the source, we use a combination of trapping and baiting methods to eliminate an active infestation and reduce the mice population on your property.

Step 2: If you choose our lifetime warranty package, which is both highly effective and highly recommended, we strategically install rock bait stations throughout your property, and return monthly to service the stations, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of bait.

Step 3: For particularly troublesome mice infestations, your pest control technician may also recommend the added protection of a Pest Block Protection Package. Many customers opt for this extra preventative measure for added peace of mind. Choose from our simple copper meshing and foam sealant pest block or a premium metal material that is custom fit to your home.

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Service Areas

If you need a mice exterminator in Albany, Saratoga, Glens Falls, or as far north as Plattsburgh NY, Nature’s Way can help.

Call (518) 745-5958, or complete an online request for a free inspection. You can also contact our mice exterminators in Rutland, Burlington, and throughout Western Vermont by calling (802) 855-2978.

About Mice

These small slender rodents can fit into a hole the size of a dime. They have poor vision and are color blind, but their sense of smell, taste, touch, and hearing are excellent. They are also good climbers, with inquisitive feeding habits and the ability to swim. Because their teeth constantly grow, their gnawing habits can cause a lot of damage. In fact, mice have even been known to start fires by chewing through electrical wires.

Mice also have the potential to transport ticks and diseases, including plague and the hantavirus, which attacks the lungs and kidneys. In addition, the average mouse will produce as many as 100 droppings per day, and urinate just as frequently, the latter of which contains allergens that can cause asthma and sinus inflammation.

A mature female mouse will birth 5 to 10 litters per year, each with approximately 10 mice, meaning a single mouse can produce 50-100 mice in a year. With year-round breeding and a gestation period of only 20 days, you can see how a small mouse problem can get out of control very quickly. If left untreated, it’s not uncommon for our mice exterminators to find entire attics and crawlspaces completely infested with mice, and contaminated with their droppings and urine. In many cases, a full attic cleanout is in order.

If you suspect you have a mouse problem, please contact us, so that we can provide you with a free inspection and advise you on the best treatment plan for your property.

What our customers are saying

Very pleased with the results and the customer service. Eddie is very pleasant and does a thorough job. So glad we called Nature’s Way!

Mary Battease Queensbury, NY