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There are more than 200 species of fleas in the U.S., but the variety that most commonly poses a threat to us, our homes, and our pets, is the cat flea. Despite its name, this flea bites humans and canines, in addition to cats. They can be found anywhere from Albany to Plattsburgh NY, as well as Vermont, and are most active between April and December.

If you find fleas in your carpets, furniture, or on your family, contact Nature’s Way. We provide free inspections and customized flea treatment plans with eco-friendly products that are safe for use around people and pets.


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Our Flea Control Process

The problem with do-it-yourself flea control is that “foggers” do not leave a residual, so they kill the adult fleas, but they do not kill the eggs. As a result, many homeowners end up spending more money trying to get rid of fleas themselves than they would if they’d contacted an exterminator.

Not only are the products that we use extremely effective, but they are also completely natural and are not harmful to people or pets. Our flea control products contain Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) with adulticides and a residual, so we are able to interrupt the development of flea larvae, destroy the adults, and prevent egg emergence.

We recommend all pets see a veterinarian for treatment to prevent re-infestation and suggest vacuuming as much as you can prior to our application. You will need to leave your home for at least 4 hours on the day of the treatment, and, depending on the severity of the flea infestation, we may need to apply a follow-up treatment 2 weeks later.

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About Fleas

A female flea lays a few eggs each day, up to 400, and most flea eggs hatch within a few days. However, if a home is left vacant, flea eggs can actually lay dormant for almost a year.

Flea Larvae are maggot-like creatures that feed on the fecal dropping of adult fleas. Once they reach adulthood, these wingless parasites feed on blood, often nesting in the coats of dogs and cats.

Fleas are about the size of an ant but have large bellies that can fill with blood as they gorge on a host.

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