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What can you do as a homeowner to combat Carpenter Ants ? Make sure you correct any conducive conditions. Are your gutters installed? Are your gutters clogged? If you have run running off your roof with out being diverted this could cause serious issues. What happens is the rain hits the ground and then back splashes onto the house. Eventually this water will seep under the siding and start to create a moisture problem. Carpenter Ants and Termites are attracted to moisture. Eventually they will find these areas and start nesting. When Carpenter ants and Termites find these areas the damage starts. Over time these insects will cause major damage to your structure. Moisture rot and mold are some other issues that can arise from the “gutter situation”. Home maintanence should be high on your priority list. Nature’s Way Pest Control practices IPM or Integrated Pest Management. In this process we will show and tell you what you can do to help stem the insect invasion. Contact Nature’s Way Pest Control at
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