Termites In Albany New York

Did you know, The earliest fossils of Termites are 120 million years old , Termites are ancestors of a wood eating Cockroachs from 200 million years ago.2200 Termite species exist, seven Termite families exist 4 of which are in the US
Termites are soft bodied medium size pale looking insects the Termite colonies conatin a King, Queen, Alate, Soldier, and worker
Termites are Social insects like Ants & Honey Bees, social Insects work together in Large Numbers. Subterranean Termites live in the soil
All Termite colonies are separate entities and no two are alike Termites Respond to available water and weather conditions. New Termite colonies are created through the swarming process. In our Albany, Saratoga, Queensbury Region this happens usually  in April –May
Rain & Warm days will trigger the Termite swarming. The number of Termite swarmers produced depends on the age and the size of the colony Swarmers are Not very strong fliers, usually seen fluttering . For more information about Termites in Albany NY please visit www.natureswaypestcontrol.com/termites/