Are you seeing ants with wings? Have you seen them in the past? The is serious cause for concern. Carpenter Ants , Termites, and “Pavement Ants” all produce “swarmers. These are secondary reproductives or possible Queens. If you see what looks to be Ants with wings you should capture some and then call Nature’s Way Pest Control for proper identification. These swarms usually will only last 1-3 days. Once the swarm is done you will not usually see them again until the following year. This could mean big trouble, especially if you are seeing them inside the structure. What does it mean? It means you have a nest  near by. With Ant swarmers you will notice three segments (Head, Thorax, Abdomen). Termite Swarmers will have a single segment, kind of like one piece rather then 3.  A Flying Termite or Swarmers have wings that are longer then the body. Capenter Antstake approx 3 years to produce swarmers, so if you see this swarm and they are large looking ants you need to call Nature’s Way Pest Control for a free inspection.Carpenter Ant Swarmers could mean a satelite nest was set up in your structure. You will need to find the best Exterminator possible, Nature’s Way Pest Control has by far the best Carpenter Ant program available. Nature’s Way Pest Control has such a great program it comes with a Lifetime warranty. If you have a Termite infestation and you call Nature’s Way Pest Contol you will meet one of the owners, Why? When dealing with Termites experience is key and we take it serious. Nature’s Way Pest Control has the most in depth process available to exterminate Termites. Many different variables are involved and mant different options are available. Most structures will be offered a lifetime warranty. Please call 518.745.5958 for further details or visit for more information.