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We’ve seen homes literally caving in do to Termites eating away at the wood. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right procedure done. The pest control industry has developed so many different methods to control Termites that the choice could be difficult. Nature’s way Pest Control has over 30 years combined Termite control experience and we will always customize a treatment to fit the structures specific needsTermites eat everything cellulose from your main support beams down to your basbard trim. They can be found at ground level all the way to the attic. Termites are also one of the toughest to detect and iradicate because Subeterranean Termites live in the soil below the frost line. Termites aren’t just going to go away eiher, the earliest fossils are approx. 120 million years old. Just ike Ants, Termites are social insects this basically means they work togeter and share tasks within the colony.