How To Get Rid Of Termites

To get rid of Termites especially in Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park and Queensbury areas it will take a professional exterminator the specializes in the Termite arena. Termite control in the pest control industry is a special category on a certified applicators license. In New York state you must be certified in Termite control. To control Termites you must fully understand how a building in constructed, how Termites work, Termite Biology and Habits. You must understand all the different treatment applications and methods. Most new pest control technicians DO NOT have the experience like the older Termite professionals in the industry and for good reason. Termite control procedures have changed quite a bit over the last decade especially with the implications of the Termite Baiting systems. The newer less experienced Termite technicians do not really know what it takes to solve an immediate problem with Termites. Although the Termite Bait systems are an excellent tool to eliminate and prevent Termite infestations they are not a stand alone product if you have active Termites in a structure. If Termites are left untreated they can cause severe damage and spread like wild fire. When you are searching for a Termite control specialist you should ask how much experience they have in the industry  If they have less then ten years then chances are the lack the experience that is really needed to control Termites properly. (Unless they have been trained by a true Termite Professional.)

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