General Information on Termites

We’ve seen homes literally caving in due to termites eating away at the wood. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right detection and procedure done. The pest control industry has developed so many different methods to control termites that the choice could be difficult. Nature’s Way Pest Control has over 30 years combined termite control experience and we will always customize a treatment to fit the structures specific needs.

Termites eat everything cellulose from your main support beams down to your baseboard trim. They can be found at ground level all the way to the attic. Termites are also one of the toughest to detect and eradicate because Subterranean Termites live in the soil below the frost line. Termites aren’t just going to go away either, the earliest fossils are approx. 120 million years old. Just like ants, termites are social insects which basically means they work together and share tasks within the colony. Learn about the different types of termites.

Termites are usually found when they “swarm”, this usually happens between March – May. Swarming Termites is a sign of a nearby mature colony. You have male and female swarmers. The female swarmers will eventually become queens.Termite mud tubes are also a way to spot activity. These tubes are built to protect the termites. Other then these signs, termites usually go undetected until the damage is found. Preventative measures can be done to help keep them away. Wood soil contact should be avoid, proper drainage should be in place (gutters).Mulch should be away from the structure, these are some examples of preventative maintenance.

Termite MonitorTermite Advance monitors can be installed to help monitor and destroy colonies on the property. Basically a monitor is a plastic capsule with a cellulose attraction inside. Nature’s way Pest Control will insert the stations in the soil approx. every 10 feet around the structure. Termites eat the cellulose so over time they will eventually find the stations and the colony will then be eliminated. Nature’s Way Pest Control will inspect the stations on a regular basis. The Termites will eventually eat the bait and be destroyed. We do not recommend these as a stand alone method to control

Termite treatments can be very in depth, a detailed inspection will be provided. Termite baits alone without a liquid application is not recommended. The reason is it may take them a while to “hit” the monitors and in the mean time the damage will continue. You may also wan to look into our Pest Control Insulation, which attacks many other crawling insects including cockroaches, silverfish and ants.

termite shelter tubesThis is a sure sign you have or have had Termites. These are shelter tubes that Termites build, they are mad from sand. They travel through mud tubes to protect themselves from sunlight and air. This customer had cardboard boxes that had been stored in this area. When she went to get an item from the box should found that the Termites had eaten the bottom of all the cardboard boxes. They also ate through her books. When she moved all the boxes she found these Termite Mud tubes on the wall. The scary part is these are usually hidden in the hollow block.

Termite swarmsTermite Swarms will usually happen from March – May. These swarms are usually in rather large numbers. When these flying Termites are present you should call Nature’s Way to identify that they are indeed Termite Swarmers. Usually you will see these insects around the windows.

The best treatment for termites is Bora Care.