Lake George,Adirondack Pest Control Services..Time to open those camps and seasonal business…but what about those spiders!! EEKK!

Many people are afraid of spiders. This fear is partly due to myths and to the notoriety of harmful species such as the brown recluse spider :

Egg laying primarily occurs from May through July. The female lays about 50 eggs that are encased in an off-white silken sac that is about 2/3-inch diameter. Each female may produce several egg sacs over a period of several months. Spiderlings emerge from the egg sac in about a month or less. Their development is slow and is influenced by weather conditions and food availability. It takes an average of one year to reach the adult stage from time of egg deposit. Adult brown recluse spiders often live about one to two years. They can survive long periods of time (about 6 months) without food or water.

So if this picture isnt enough just know that a one time spring application may not be enough at min every other month to break the life cyclePlease contact us ASAP for a free estimate!!


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