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Servicing Albany, Colonie, Schenectady, Rotterdam, Clifton Park, Cohoes, and all surrounding cities near  Albany New York. Nature’s Way Pest Control specializes in all phases of Pest Control from Carpenter Ants and mice, to Termites and Bats. We offer natural based products with great results. Mouse control is a hot item right now. Usually Mice are not such a problem in the summer months, not this year. We have been inundated with calls. People are hearing mice scratching on the ceiling in the early morning hours. The attic is a hot spot for mice.  We offer complete attic restoration. From cleaning and sanitizing right down to blown in pest control insulation. We also can add a third story to your home. HOW? Finish the attic floor. this will give you plenty of extra storage space. We can give you easy access via a pull down staircase.

A small problem can get out of hand quickly due to the fast reproduction capabilities of mice. We have found insulation inside attics, and crawlspaces completely infested with mice, their droppings and urine. In alot of cases a full attic restoration is in order. Most homeowners either have never been in their attics or they don’t inspect it on a regular basis. The attic creates a protected dark and warm environment for mice.

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