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What can you do as a homeowner to stem the insect invasion? Here are some Tips.
The most important step is to correct conducive conditions. Clean clogged gutters, trim back ant overhanging tree branches – Carpenter Ants use this as a Natural bridge to gain access into your home.Do not stack firewood nest to your home, this will attract all kinds of insects and rodents. Termites will eventually find this food source and will be step closer to gaining entry into your home. Please make sure your have the appropriate flashing at the point where your deck meets the house. This is a “Hot Spot” for Carpenter Ants and Termites. Try and use stone around the foundation instead of mulch. Mulch is decaying wood, this will attract Termites and is a perfect horborage area for all insects. Mulch holds moisture and most insects need moisture to thrive. Nature’s Way Pest Control practices IPM or Integrated Pest Management. In this process we will identify such conducive conditons and rely them back you. Please visit are website for more information at You can set up a free inspection. Hope to here from you soon.

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