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The Adirondacks absolute best Pest Control company. See pour website and Save $25.00.
Nature’s Way Pest Control has the best solutions to combat Carpenter Ants, termites and Bedbugs. We use Cryonite in conjuction with other products to help in the fight against bedbugs. Cryonite is an all natural pest conrtol solution. Cryonite takes c02 out of a cylinder via a hose and specialized gun. The c02 is then turn into dry ice. The dry ice is so cold the it destroys the insects rapidly on contact. Because C0 2 is a gas it dries as a gas leaving no residue. Nature’s Way Pest Control uses Cryonite as one of the tools in it’s IPM approach. Please visit our website or respond to this blog for further information regarding the Pest Control. OR call 518 – 745- 5958.

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