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We’ve seen homes literally caving in due to termites eating away at the wood. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right detection and procedure done. The pest control industry has developed so many different methods to control termites that the choice could be difficult. Nature’s Way Pest Control has over 30 years combined termite control experience and we will always customize a treatment to fit the structures specific needs.

Termites eat everything cellulose from your main support beams down to your baseboard trim. They can be found at ground level all the way to the attic. Termites are also one of the toughest to detect and iradicate because Subterranean Termites live in the soil below the frost line. Termites aren’t just going to go away either, the earliest fossils are approx. 120 million years old. Just like ants, termites are social insects which basically means they work together and share tasks within the colony.

Carpenter Ants do not need rotting wood but prefer it due to it’s pliable texture. They are also known to nest inside styrofoam insulation, under regular insulation, and even under old tarps sitting outside.You can find carpenter ants nesting just about any place in and around a structure. Examples are: old dying trees, tree stumps, and firewood. You also may be dealing with more then one colony. Carpenter Ants will will establish satellite colonies through out the area.

The main colony is usually found outside in a tree. It takes approx. 3 months months in ideal conditions to form a colony.

Many different species of wasps exist. Nesting sites can be found anywhere from the attic to in the ground. Colony sizes can range from 75 – 5,000 workers depending the the species. Large nesting sites are usually found in late summer. Treatment at times can be very tricky, especially a nest located inside a wall or ceiling. We receive a lot of calls from people telling us they have a wet spot on the ceiling. Yellow Jackets are capable of actually chewing through the sheet rock as they look to expand the nest. Entry points should NOT be plugged up, this will actually drive the insect inside. Special products, equipment and safety gear is required to provide the best results.

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