Professional Mice Exterminators in Plattsburgh, NY

MiceWhen to Hire a Mice Exterminator

Mice are incredibly elusive critters that can cause serious damage, including house fires, and many carry viruses and bacteria. Their urine contains allergens that can be a major cause of asthma and sinus inflammation, and the Hantavirus is another well-known disease that attacks the lungs or kidneys. Remember, mice breed often, as many as 8 litters per year, so if you haven’t been able to get rid of the mice in your house on your own after a few weeks, it’s best to contact a professional mice exterminator.

What to ask Mice Exterminators in Plattsburgh, NY

Before hiring a mice control expert, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of questions. For instance, if you have children or pets, the idea of using poison may not appeal to you. So ask about alternative methods. Other important questions for your local mice exterminator include:

  • How many visits will the exterminator make?
  • How will they dispose of the mice?
  • Do they offer a free estimate?
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • Will they devise a prevention plan?

How to find a Local Mice Exterminator

If friends and family live nearby, ask them to recommend a professional mice exterminator. Your neighbors may also be able to refer you to mice control services in Plattsburgh. Compare quotes from a few different exterminators and consider whether they will follow through on the project by offering to identify cracks or holes in your house and providing prevention tips.

Contact the Professionals at Nature’s Way Pest Control

If you need mice control in Plattsburgh, Albany, Saratoga, or the surrounding area, we can help. Our professional mice exterminators in Plattsburgh, NY offer a Lifetime Warranty, Pest Block prevention services, and a Free Inspection.