Interior and Exterior Baiting Systems for Mice

What are the benefits of interior AND exterior baiting for mice?

In the winter months, humans want a place that is warm, comfortable and has a food and water source. Mice have a similar way of thinking and often invade our homes because of the benefits of having 4 walls and a roof over your head. It is never pleasant to realize that you are sharing your home with rodents that can carry disease, and use urine as a way to lead other mice into the same path. Whether they go after your animal’s food, crumbs left behind in the kitchen, or even the silverware drawers, we have a solution that will help you live peacefully without any unwelcome critters.

At Nature’s Way Pest Control, we have an approach that will get the mice already inside of your house to go outside in search of a food and water source due to the dehydration our baiting system will cause. If you ate an entire bag of very salty popcorn, you would feel the urgency to go grab a glass of water. If you did not have the capability of just walking over to your sink to grab a glass of water, your instinct would tell you to go elsewhere to look for that water. The biggest part of the process is to significantly decrease the infestation inside of your home. Once this is accomplished, the next step is where the exterior baiting stations come in. They will act as a pit stop for mice before they find a way into your house to look for food and a warm place to nest. The same bait will be used outside, so the mice will ingest it, then the dehydration kicks in and they will stay outside due to the fact that they know there is a constant food and water source there. Therefore, never making it into your house to wreak havoc on your food, belongings, attic spaces and basements.

At the end of the day, what it comes down to is that it is unsafe and unsanitary to let a mice infestation go too far before calling a professional. We will keep your children, pets and well-being in mind while exterminating the unwelcome house guests that pose as a threat to you and your family. If mice have naturally survive outside since they have made their appearance on this earth, Nature’s Way Pest Control would like to keep it that way!