Mouse in the House

Mouse controlMost people think that mice enter your home only in the Fall when it starts to get cold. While this is true, what people don’t know is mice spend time in your home throughout the year. Mice can nest in your home in the summer, when this happens, in most cases you have a serious mouse infestation. Most times mice will store food inside an area of your home and enter in the Fall and Winter and nest in that spot. Even in the middle of winter –  January, February, and March –  mice may enter for the first time. A lot has to do with the weather. Cold weather and snow play a big roll. When the food supply runs scarce you may also notice a large increase in mouse activity.

Mice will usually enter through the same places. Once a home is infested with mice they usually will always have the threat of being reinfested. Mice leave behind odors from the grease on their fur, and from the fecal droppings and urine they produce. Other mice will continue to follow the scent and actually year after year you will be invaded with new mice. Nature’s Way Pest Control offers all kinds of options for mouse control. Mouse pest control entails initial mouse elimination, mouse clean ups -especially in the attic and the basement, odor control for mouse nesting sites, and sealing off entry points for mice. And most importantly long term mouse prevention and mouse control. A lot of different options exist.

If you live in Albany, Saratoga, Glens Falls, Plattsburgh, New York regions I would suggest calling Nature’s Way Pest Control for your mouse extermination. Nature’s Way Pest Control also covers Vermont as well Burlington, Rutland, and Manchester areas.