We have been inundated with calls for Carpenter Ants in the North Country. From Lake Placid to Plattsburgh, Willsboro to Ticonderoga. As predicted by Nature’s Way Pest Control, Carpenter Ants have been invading homes in the Adirondacks and Upstate NY. A lot of this is because of all the flooding we experienced last year. Carpenter Ants are attracted to moist rotting wood, many homes have water damage from the 2011 flooding.It almost seems like if a home doesn’t have Carpenter Ants it’s just a matter of time before they do. These ants are attracted to moist rotting wood. They don’t actually eat the wood but carve tunnels and chambers through it to use as a major nesting site. As the colony grows so does the damage to the wood.

Carpenter Ants do not need rotting wood but prefer it due to it’s pliable texture. They are also known to nest inside Styrofoam insulation, under regular insulation, and even under old tarps sitting outside.You can find carpenter ants nesting just about any place in and around a structure. Examples are: old dying trees, tree stumps, and firewood. You also may be dealing with more then one colony. Carpenter Ants will will establish satellite colonies through out the area.

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