Exterminators & Pest Control = How to get rid Of Ants?

Ant extermination can be a very difficult problem for a homeowner to tackle. First thing you need to know is what type of Ant are you dealing with, is it a Carpenter Ant or a Pavement Ant? Either way, if you provide the wrong pesticide or application the consequencies can be huge. Most over the counter insecticides do not leave a residual. especially the products that need to be used inside. Spraying for Ants could make the start “budding” , this is like an alarm that goes off in the colonie. The queen will relocate or move herself, the workers will grab all the Eggs, Larvae, Pupae and they may run in seperate directions. Certain types of Ants can regenerate a Queen, and if this happens you will now be dealing with multiple colonies. So now instead of the ants showing up in the kitchen, they now show up in the bathroom and on the otherside of the ktchen. Be careful with over the counter products, make sure you read the label. Alot of homewoners do not read ther label and actually use to much insecticide, and this will make the product both dangerous and not effective. “Natural” pesticides do exist and with the right approach, application method, and knowledge it al can be done safely. Nature’s Way Pest Control is the leader of this type of service, for more information please visit www.natureswaypestcontrol.com.

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