Why are Pheromones Important in Pest Control?

More than 100 years ago, entomologists discovered that insects use certain chemical scents to communicate with each another. They learned this when they placed female moths in boxes and near an open window, and male moths within the same species were aggressively attracted to the very same window. On the other hand, some insects actually emit pheromones to repel other insects.

Pheromones are frequently used when it comes to “Stored Product Insects”, more commonly known as the moth or beetle. People that store and grow their own grains, meat and fiber are really providing these insects easy and preferred living for them to make their way into the food storage areas. Once they settle in, they can cause billions of dollars worth of damage because these products must be discarded because of the infestation.

Pheromones play an important part to blocking infestations from forming within a structure. With a carpenter ant nest, there are pheromones surrounding the property because the ants in the satellite colony need a way to find one another, and know where the food source and nest is.

How Does Nature’s Way Pest Control Use Pheromones?

When it comes to carpenter ants, the products we use mask the pheromone and prevent the satellite colonies from connecting with the interior nest, resulting in a significant decrease in ant activity within your home. We may also use pheromones to determine if there is an infestation. In this case, the pheromone acts as a bait to draw out pests, such as bedbugs and moths, so that we can treat for them.