Tick Extermination | Nature’s Way Pest Control

Are you having problems with Ticks or would you like to know how to prevent Ticks. We have a Tick Control program that will drastically reduce the number of Ticks on your Property. Ticks have slowly invaded our region of the last 10 years. We have watched the calls come in starting in Southern Albany and reaching to Plattsburgh New York. We have also noted the same activity  in Manchester Vermont, to Rutland all the way to Burlingon Vermont. It has become a huge problem in our Northeast Region. We do have a solution, especially if your home is surrounded by woods. Adult Ticks live in the wood and are carried onto your property by other animals especially mice. We offer a fog type application to the wooded area on your property. The goal is to eliminate as many Ticks in the wood as possible, and it is very very effective. We have a few different products for you to choose from. One is an essential oil mixture. We also have another Tick management System that will Target the mice on your property. Prevention is key to controlling Ticks. Unfortunately 90% of the calls we receive are from people who have already contracted Lyme Disease and they are looking to avoid other family members and pets from transmitting the disease. Lyme Disease is horrible and a large concern in the upstate New York and Vermont regions. Please call us so we can explain what we can do for your property.

TARGET MICE! During peek feeding times, rodents can carry over 100 larval and nymphal Ticks. In the Northeast larval & nymphal stage ticks primarily feed off of rodents. The primary host of Lyme disease bacteria is the White Footed Mouse.  They also spread Ticks through out your property because of their foraging behavior. We have a few different methods in helping with this major issue.