General FAQs

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Is it safe to be home and or are the home pest control products safe?

There is no issue if the products are applied according to label instructions and the rules and regulations set forth by the D.E.C. If somebody has a respiratory problem or medical condition we recommend contacting a doctor before the service. Most of our customers (95%) are home while we apply our products.

***FYI Nature’s Way Pest Control uses Ecosmart products. These eco-friendly pest control products have a unique mode of action and have an unprecedented margin- of- safety. EcoSmarts’s plant oil active ingredients target and block a key neurotransmitter receptor site for octopamine, which is found only in invertebrates (i.e. insects). Mammals do not have receptors for octopamine, so EcoSmart’s plant oils have no adverse effect on them. Although we don’t use EcoSmart products in all applications, a lot of our other products are labeled under botanical pesticides. We also tend to use a lot of baiting products, these products tend to have no odor.

Aren’t Carpenter always big black ants?

No. There are several species of Carpenter ants, some of which are very small in size. Also, Carpenter ants have Major workers and Minor workers these workers vary in size. Also, the age of a nest can determine the size of the workers.

How do I know if I have a Carpenter ant problem?

There are several different signs of a carpenter ant infestation. The most frequent signs a homeowner will see are actual ants inside the house. If you are seeing ants in the spring and then they just disappear every year this could mean you have a problem. Piles of Sawdust or “FRASS” falling down, dead ants, “SWARMERS” or ants with wings.

How quickly can you have a service technician to my home?

In most cases, our pest management professionals can get to you within a day. Sometimes the same-day service is available, at most within a few days.

How much is the service?

It really depends on the type of problem and location of the infestation. The size of the structure and the size of the infestation. We try not to give phone quotes, we would rather provide a free pest inspection & evaluation and give you an exact price. If you call the office you can get a phone quote. We offer the highest quality service usually at the lowest rate around.

Do you remove wasp and yellow jacket nests?


Do you warranty your service?

Yes, in most cases.

Do I have to leave my home when you treat for fleas?

Yes. All must evacuate a Minimum of 4 hours, including pets.