Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter Pest Control to Prevent Rats and Mice From Entering Your HomeYou may think that many of the little creatures that plague us in summer will die or at least go dormant when a New York winter comes along.

And you’d be correct. But only partly so: some pests actually like to move indoors when the weather turns cold.

Mice, rats, winged carpenter ants, fruit flies, spiders: all can decide to move into your warm and cozy home when the weather outside turns frightful.

Read below for tips on pest control in winter.

  • Replace old and worn weatherstripping around windows and door frames. In addition, because rats and mice can – and do – gnaw on soft spots in your window and door frames to make a hole for entry, make repairs as needed to the soft spots. Patch any tears in window or door screens quickly.
  • Trim trees back from your roof in order to discourage squirrels. Keep bats out by closing gaps in your roof’s eaves and flashing joints with galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • Cover your chimney’s flue with a cap in order to keep out raccoons, bats and squirrels.
  • If you have siding, did you know that mice and bats can burrow between damaged panels? Replace them. Fill any gaps between the trim and siding with caulk.
  • When it comes to controlling insects in winter, the best offense is a well-timed defense: ask your pest control service to treat your home’s perimeter in the fall.
  • Move compost piles, leaves or grass clippings, stacked boards, etc. away from your home’s foundation.
  • Drain any standing water that’s around your home’s foundation.
  • Reduce the lights outside your home to reduce the attraction of insects.
  • Remove grass and ground cover that touch your foundation’s walls.
  • Ventilate your basement/crawl space in order to decrease moisture levels.
  • Keep your sinks and the area under sinks clean and dry.
  • Instead of keeping cereal and oats in cardboard boxes, consider placing the contents in airtight plastic containers.
  • Regularly dispose of trash and garbage.