Types of Mice in New York


Mice can seem innocuous – small, often unseen, even cute (some people think so). However, if you’ve ever had a mouse infestation, you know they’re far from innocuous. 

Perceptions of cuteness fall away when you find urine stains and mouse droppings in your pantry, gnawed food containers and electrical insulation, or nests in your walls and attic. Mice are a nuisance, certainly, but more than that, they can spread disease, cause fires, and damage your home’s insulation. 

What types of mice are you likely to contend with in New York state and how can you prevent infestation or rid your home of them? Read on.

What Types Of Mice Are In New York?

There are four mouse species native to New York, and three of them are a problem for homeowners. Field mice tend to stay outside. Deer, white-footed, and house mice are happy to take up residence in our homes, especially when it gets colder outside and our houses offer warmth and food.

Field Mouse (Eastern Meadow Vole)   – Microtus pennsylvanicus

This one isn’t actually a mouse. What we often call a field or meadow mouse is really a vole. They look and act like mice but they’re different biologically. They prefer nesting in open spaces not human homes.

Eastern Deer MousePeromyscus maniculatus

The eastern deer mouse is very common in New York. With sharp claws for climbing, eastern deer mice often nest in hollow trees. Deer mice infest houses if they’re conveniently located. Like other mouse species they breed rapidly so infestations get problematic quickly.

White-footed MousePeromyscus leucopus

This is one of the species you’re likely to find in your attic, garage, or basement. If you have mice in your house, you probably have either white-footed or house mice.

House MouseMus musculus

This is the quintessential mouse – large ears, thin tail, tiny body, gray/brown fur. They’re all too comfortable in our houses. Highly adaptable and very good at staying hidden, you’re more likely to hear them scampering in the walls or see evidence of their presence (like droppings or gnawed containers) than you are to see the mice themselves.

How to Deal with Mice Infestation

The best way to deal with a mouse infestation in New York, no matter the type of mouse, is by preventing mice from taking up residence in the first place. Prevention includes reducing clutter around your foundation, keeping food sealed and stored properly, and sealing cracks and holes in walls.

Having a professional pest control company, like Nature’s Way, routinely inspect your property is a key strategy. This pest control partner can point out trouble spots, recommend environmentally safe solutions, and help make your home pest-free. 

If you live in the Lake George, Glens Falls, or Saratoga area and have an active mice infestation, contact Nature’s Way Pest Control for a free inspection/consultation. Our professional exterminators provide eco-friendly rodent control services.