Helpful Hints for a Pest Free Home

Have you seen a mouse in your home? What about a pesky little ant crawling on the kitchen counters? If so, those are signs that your home may be being invaded by some unwanted house guests but do not worry, we are here to help! Here are some helpful little tips to help keep your home pest-free.

How to Make Your Home Pest Free Today

• Check your home regularly: Like any other mammal out there, once the weather starts getting colder, mice or other small rodents will go in search of a dry, warm home for the season. Because of this fact, it is important to check your home for any holes, small cracks in the foundation, or even holes in the roof. If you find any of these it would be best to have them sealed.

• Remove any debris or wood piles: You will often find that there a many insects and small rodents that like to make their homes here due to the moisture and darkness the area provides. Allowing wood piles or mulch to build up around your home could be the start of a pest issue.

• Be sure to trim up limbs and branches: I know that a tree hanging over your house does not look like it will cause too much of an issue, but it does. Small animals will use this as access to your attic, insects can use this as a way to drop onto the roof and wiggle inside as well.

• Seal windows and doors: Ensure that all your windows and doors have proper seals on them, any tiny crack or space can allow in unwanted house guests.

• Seal indoor/outdoor containers: Be sure your garbage cans and recycling bins are away from the house, and sealed properly. As well as any open containers you may have indoors.

• Clean-up: As always, be sure that you keep any crumbs or garbage picked up, insects and rodents search for food, and if they find it in your house, they may just want to move in.

• Schedule regular inspections: Even if you do not have an issue, it is always a good idea to have your house inspected regularly by a professional. This will help to ensure that your home will stay pest-free.

Schedule a Free Expert Inspection

Even if you do have an issue, still give us a call at (518) 745-5958 , we provide FREE inspections for attics as well to check for mold and proper insulation. We currently serve Albany, NY, Glens Falls, NY, Plattsburgh, NY as well as areas in Vermont like Rutland and Burlington.