Is Do it Yourself Pest Control Effective?

We see it all the time: customers call us to help them deal with pests that have invaded the interior or exterior of their homes. As we chat, we find out that they’ve had this problem for a while and called us because they – finally! – decided that the do-it-yourself pest eradication route just wasn’t going to work for them.

But that doesn’t mean that all pest control should be performed by a professional.

There’s a lot a homeowner can do to keep pests at bay:

•    Keep trees and bushes trimmed such that branches don’t reach roofs: rodents will use the branches to get to your house and climb through tiny holes to enter your attic or crawl space.

•    Empty small ponds and bird baths of water (or at least make sure the water in them isn’t completely quiet/standing water) because mosquitoes lay eggs on still waters.

•    Fill up small holes and cracks in you foundation, roof, etc. because you’d be surprised how small an opening a rat, bat or mouse can use to enter your home.

•    Keep piles of wood far from dwellings. Flying pests love old wood piles.

And so on.

But this tends to work as preventive measures.  As in, they work before pests invade your home. Once they’re in, they’re pretty much in.

That’s why thinking you can chemically spray your way to no-pests EVER will only lead you to disappointment.

We’ve noticed that too many people think they can grab a can of bug killer, spray it on the infiltrators and the pests are gone! And they are gone…for a while. But they come back: they always do.

Instead, a professional pest control company such as Nature’s Way Pest Control will eradicate and manage the pests in and around your home.

Proper pest management is critical for keeping pests at bay. And proper pest management truly should be done by the professionals.

Why? Because professionals will actually locate where the pests are coming from and get rid of them at the source! They will monitor them regularly and remove as needed until the pests are gone completely and don’t return!

DIY efforts almost always result in the pests’ return. Certainly not the day you spray, but within days or mere weeks.

So if you truly want the mice, rats, bats, termites, cockroaches, wasps/bees gone, contact the pest control/management/eradication experts here at Nature’s Way Pest Control. We look forward to hearing from you.