Winter Pest Control: How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home


From finding droppings in your attic to having to re-wire your entire home due to chewed cables, keeping pests out of your home, especially during winter, should be a priority when maintaining a healthy, safe, and comfortable place to live. 

Like us, many animals enjoy eating, breeding, and sleeping in warm cosy spaces away from predators. While they have adapted to do this in forests, fields, and prairies, some animals, especially mice, and rodents, prefer human-made dwellings as a quick solution. The damage that just one mouse can do to a property and the family living there can quickly become unsafe, expensive, and unhealthy if left unchecked. 

The cheapest and safest way to reduce this risk is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Take a look at our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to prevent pests from entering your home:


1. Identify Common Household Pests

Mice, ants, cockroaches, spiders. These are common household pests that can enter through the smallest holes and gaps in your walls, siding, and foundation. Each comes with its own unique challenges and must be prevented using different methods. 

Mice tend to prefer attics which tend to be warm and away from regular human contact. Ants can create satellite colonies in your walls from which they venture into the home looking for water and food. Cockroaches are often found in cupboards and under appliances preferring dry dark spaces. Spiders can attempt to set up webs in the top corners of the most frequented rooms, wherever their prey may be. Preventing these creatures form entering your home will also prevent headaches in the future.


2. Seal Entry Points

Once you understand what pests you up against, sealing cracks, gaps, and holes in walls, windows, and doors will go a long way to preventing them from being able to enter. Specialist products such as Ridgeguard® and others in our Pest Block packages are great for preventing mice and rodents from entering. Others such as weather stripping, caulking, and mesh screens will help keep smaller animals out.


3. Maintain Cleanliness

Proper sanitation is key to effective pest prevention. By maintaining basic regular cleaning routines, proper food storage, and waste disposal you remove the potential food sources and living environments many pests thrive in. Not only does this help keep your home pest-free, but it also keeps your family healthy and living areas safe.


4. Use Natural Repellents

Natural remedies to repel pests are not only highly effective but are also much safer for your family and pets to be around. Our exterminators and pest control technicians use eco-friendly, botanical-based products, which mimic the natural defenses of plants and trees to ward off insects and microorganisms. The result is highly effective green pest control products that target insects, not people or the environment.

Nature’s Way is proud to use EcoSMART®, Essentria®, BORA-CARE®, and MotherEarth™ D Pest Control Dust. Learn more about the effectiveness of green pest control.

If you’d prefer to start with some DIY natural pest control, explore natural remedies to repel pests such as essential oils (peppermint, citronella), vinegar, and herbs.


5. Proper Food Storage   

A basic but highly effective pest prevention method is storing food in airtight containers. Not only does this stop most pests from being able to detect food sources and therefore attempt to reach them, but also keeps food fresh for longer periods of time. This is in particular highly recommended for preventing ants from reaching food sources. A 2000 study showed that ants can detect food odors from at least 15m (50ft) away.


6. Utilize Professional Pest Control Services

Since 2001, Nature’s Way has provided residential and commercial properties with high-quality pest control services in Glens Falls, Albany, Saratoga, Lake George, Plattsburgh, and throughout Upstate New York, as well as parts of Western Vermont. In fact, over the past 20 years, more than 40,000 customers have trusted us to rid their homes and businesses of unwanted pests.

Our expertly trained and highly professional exterminators take an eco-friendly approach to pest control, using natural pest control products to effectively eliminate pests without harming people, pets, or the environment. Contact us today for a free inspection and lifetime warranties on many of our pest control services.


How Can I Keep Pests Out of My Home?

Start by identifying which pests could be a problem, seal entry points, maintain proper cleanliness both inside and outside of your home, use natural repellants if needed, utilize effective food storage, and have a professional pest control company routinely inspect your property. Follow these 6 tips for a pest-free home, especially during the winter months and you’ll be sure to avoid financial and health headaches year-round.