Yikes..Carpenter Ants are chewing my house..I can hear them!

Yes, it is true, you can hear Carpenter Ants chewing on the wood inside your walls. It is a disturbing sound and is usually found by homeowners when they are in a quiet room, reading. I have had hundreds of customers over the last 15 years tell me they have heard Carpenter Ants chewing on wood.

What Can You Do After You Hear Carpenter Ants?

We usually have to drill and inject into the wall to start the Carpenter Ant elimination process. Carpenter Ants are very well protected, they have sheetrock, insulation, and wood. I would suggest calling a professional carpenter ant exterminator. Once this wall is injected the Carpenter ants will grab the eggs, larva, and pupa and start running. Without good residual products, the battle will be lost.

Trusted Carpenter Ant Extermination

Nature’s Way Pest Control offers the best Carpenter Ant program in the pest control industry. Check out our learning center for more information on Carpenter Ants. If you are in New York State or West Vermont then take advantage of our coupons and book your free inspection or call our team at NY (518) 741-2219 or VT (802) 255-8429 today.