Carpenter Ant Prevention

Carpenter AntsSpring has finally arrived in Upstate NY! And for many homeowners, so have spring pests. As the temperatures turn warmer, common spring pests like carpenter ants begin to forage for food and shelter, often finding both in and around your home.

A soggy spring is especially inviting, as carpenter ants prefer moist wood. Unlike termites, which actually eat wood, carpenter ants cause damage by creating smooth, hollowed-out nests (or galleries) inside moist wood – but the damage can be just as devastating.

Here are a few things that you can do right now to prevent these common spring pests from infesting your home.

Carpenter Ant Prevention

  1. Repair moisture problems, such as a leaky roof or plumbing. Damp wood is like putting a vacancy sign in your attic and under sinks.
  2. Trim back brush, shrubs, tree limbs, and branches, which act as bridges for outdoor carpenter ants foraging for food.
  3. Seal cracks in the foundation as well as openings in the walls, especially around utility pipes, vents, and chimneys.
  4. Keep firewood away from the house and off of the ground. Wood piles are an ideal nesting spot for carpenter ants.

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

If you suspect you already have an infestation in your home, you may want to try our DIY tips for getting rid of carpenter ants. Unfortunately, finding and killing the nest can be a challenge, and since it’s difficult to determine the severity of the infestation – as well as the damage that is being done – it’s always best to consult a professional carpenter ant exterminator.

Nature’s Way Pest Control performs free carpenter ant inspections in Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George, Saratoga Springs, and throughout northeastern NY and parts of Vermont. Our carpenter ant specialists are trained to identify signs of a carpenter ant infestation, even when activity is not visible and can recommend both environmentally-friendly pest control methods to get rid of carpenter ants and control treatments to keep them from returning.

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