Plattsburgh NY Pest Services…Spring is here and the Carpenter Ants are swarming!!!

Now is the time to get those pest inspections to see whats going on in your home or business. We do free inspections and if you do have activity there are many options for treating these pests. Your technician can go over all of this information with you in the convenience of your home. Beat the swarm and have an inspection today!!

Carpenter Ants During Spring

It is common to find carpenter ants in homes during spring. It is important to try to determine whether the ants are coming from an outdoor or an indoor nest, although this can be difficult. Inspection by a professional is key!! Their presence is not sufficient evidence to conclude that there is a nest in your home. You may be able to make a more accurate determination based on when you first see carpenter ants. If you find carpenter ants in your home during late winter or early spring, that suggests the ants are coming from a nest in the building. However, if you see activity later in the year, it is less clear if the nest is in the building.

You may also see carpenter ant swarms  during spring. Carpenter ants produce large numbers of queens and males during late summer. They emerge from nests the following spring for their nuptial flights. After mating, queens search for suitable sites to begin new nests. Once they land, their wings break off and each queen attempts to construct a new nest.

When carpenter ant nests are indoors, mating swarms become trapped inside. Finding large numbers of winged ants indoors is a sure sign that an indoor nest exists and may give the approximate location of the colony.

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