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Carpenter ants can be very difficult to get rid of, even for professional Exterminators. Carpenter Ants are very complex, you usually will have a main colony and then a satellite colony. The main colony is usually outside and it communicates via pheromones with the satellite nest inside the structure. You may also have a main colony of Carpenter Ants inside your structure and several satellites nest inside as well. Carpenter Ants can also move an entire main colony within a few hours. (i’ve seen it on my own property). Carpenter Ants go through complete metamorphosis Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult, this cycle can take up to 10 months to complete.Carpenter Ant eggs are naturally protected and if you are seeing flying Carpenter Ants or “swarmers” this could mean trouble. Spraying for Carpenter Ants is also very difficult and could easily make your problem worse. Most of the time Carpenter ants will reside inside your walls. Even if you open up a wall, the first thing that Carpenter Ants do when they feel threatened is grab eggs, larva, pupa casings and start moving the nest. Really the best thing for a homeowner to do if Carpenter Ants are present is call a pest control company. Exterminators are properly equipped to deal with Carpenter Ants. The homeowner should fix any type of moisture problem, no gutters & clogged gutters are usually culprits. Home maintenance is very important when it comes to Carpenter Ant control. An ongoing program is highly recommended once the Carpenter Ants are eliminated from the structure. Nature’s Way Pest Control provides such services.